October 24 2016 at UNday.org at 12:00 (CEST)

Manifestations by children of the world

– live on the Internet on United Nations Day

A project conducted by Teater Halland and World Heritage Grimeton Radio Station, Varberg, Sweden

In a live broadcast pupils at Håstensskolan in Varberg, Sweden in collaboration with pupils from Mejrup Skole in Holstebro, Denmark presented their messages about peace, sustainability and children’s and humans rights to the world, including politicians and policy makers.



11.50 (CEST)

Welcome to http://www.unday.org and this year’s manifestation direct from Grimeton with its unique long wave transmitter.


12:00 – 12:50 (CEST)

The morse code message of peace, written by pupils from grade 8 at Håstensskolan, Sweden, is broadcasted via the long wave transmitter at Grimeton Radio station. The programme continues with short films made by Swedish and Danish pupils from grade 6 and a peace song, conducted and performed by the school choir at Håstensskolan.


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Since 2011 children at schools in Varberg, region Halland, Sweden have met children in UN schools in Gaz/Palestine, in Holstebro/Denmark and in Wolverhampton/Great Britain in great manifestations on the United Nations days. We aim and hope that more schools and children alla over the world will join us and take part in the manifestations the coming years. To get inspired - watch the video! If you wish to take part next year - send us an e-mail and we will shortly provide you with more information. To see all about the manifestations so far - visit The UNday Blog

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at the World Heritage

Grimeton Radio Station, Sweden.

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